Sustainability has always been at the heart of our production at AURUM + GREY.

We are proud that over 95% of our collection is made in house in our UK atelier where sustainability is a key focus throughout our production process.  We have actively brought the vast majority of production processes in house for full transparency and reduced transportation emissions.


Our stones are responsibly sourced and where possible, recycled materials are used with minimal wastage.  Several pieces feature Lab Grown Precious stones which benefit from a much smaller environmental impact vs traditional mined diamonds.

For the processes that require chemical usage, environmentally friendly options are used with negligible wastage in the disposal process.

Recyclable packaging is used where possible.  We haven't yet found a suitable way to transport our dainty pieces which is fully recyclable but the velvet pouch can be used for years to come and is great for travelling.

Any non-recyclable materials that enter the business are re-used until they are not fit for purpose. 


Producing in the UK affords us a low carbon footprint with most materials being sourced from local UK suppliers.  Our Diamond Initial Pendants are produced in our partner workshops (due to the complexity of stone setting on this micro scale) and grouped into import batches with minimal packaging for minimal carbon emissions.

We use grouped courier drops and opt into carbon neutral services where offered.

Our sustainability measures are very much a work in progress and will will continue to strive to improve our impact on the environment.