For as long as she can remember, AURUM + GREY founder Talya Paskin has had a passion for the majesty of the jewellery experience.  Growing up carefree Summers abroad would end every with a special visit to a local jewellery shop to pick out an artisan-crafted piece to mark a summer full of memories.  It was here that she realised the power of jewellery being so symbolic; more than just an accessory. 

Fast forward, and through high school in London, Talya excelled in Art but also in more traditionally academic subjects which led her to study for a BSC in Business Management at London’s Kings College.  Upon finishing her degree she hit the ground running in the fashion industry which combined her love of the creative with her strong commercial skills. 

13 years later, when planning her wedding, she was brought back to her original love of Jewellery when she wanted to source a special piece for her bridesmaids.  In true determined style, as she couldn’t find exactly what she wanted, she decided to make them bespoke.  Once sat with the workshop, a collection was instantly and organically born; all the pieces she had wanted in her daily repertoire but could not find.  

In 2015 Talya gave birth to two babies; her daughter and AURUM + GREY.  Friends and then friends of friends had started to wear her pieces and as the media picked up on the collection a hobby turned into a business.  In 2018, Talya's son was born and the Ari Collection was launched to celebrate. 

We proudly produce the vast majority of the collection in our UK atelier with only a handful of specialist styles being outsourced to our UK partner workshop.   

The brand is now shipped worldwide and our Iconic Initial Thoughts Collection has been worn by Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Kylie Jenner, Eva Chen and Kourtney Kardashian to name but a few. 

AURUM + GREY, the London house of effortless personalised Fine Jewellery made in the UK.